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Sunset Experience at the Key West Lighthouse

Experience the Wonder of Sunset at Key West's Historic Lighthouse

Sunset Experience at the Key West Lighthouse graphic of the lighthouse with flowers

Looking for an unforgettable experience to add to your Key West itinerary? Rent out the lighthouse for the sunset experience during your stay with us at Marrero's Guest Mansion! The historic charm, serenity, and stunning scenery are perfect for a romantic or group setting. Make memories to cherish forever! With a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the historic lighthouse has become one of the most exclusive spots for sunset seekers. If you want to take in the blazing orange and purple hues as the sun dips below the horizon, keep reading to learn more about this unique experience.

The Key West Lighthouse was first lit in 1848 and was in operation until 1969. Today, it serves as a museum where visitors can explore the artifacts and exhibits focused on the history of the lighthouse and Key West. If you go for the sunset viewing, you'll have access to the top of the lighthouse for half an hour. From the 88-foot high vantage point of the lighthouse, you can see the island and its surroundings, including the distant lighthouses and forts. A visit to the top promises an experience worth its weight in gold, with moments that will be etched deeply in your memory.

The cost to rent the top of Key West Lighthouse for sunset viewing is reasonable, and you can make your reservations online. The rental fee includes admission to the museum and grounds and access to the top for up to six people. However, note that the view from the top is not suitable for children under six years old. For larger groups, there is an option to rent both the Keeper's Quarters and the Lighthouse Tower. This option is perfect for wedding photoshoots, private events or family get-togethers.

Another essential thing to consider before renting the top of the lighthouse is the weather. Even though Key West has warm weather throughout the year, the sunset viewing experience can be affected by the weather. If there is too much wind or if the weather is likely to result in thunderstorms, the viewing is subject to cancellation without a refund. So, ensure you keep an eye on the weather forecast to avoid disappointment.

The Key West Art and Historical Society manages the Lighthouse Museum and grounds. They offer educational and entertainment programs throughout the year. The society celebrates and advances the creative and cultural influences of the Florida Keys. With so many activities and events, the Historic Key West Lighthouse is much more than a sunset spot, it's also a place to learn about the history of the region.

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