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Summer Events and Festivals in Key West Florida

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Key West may be a small island (it's just over 7 square miles), but it sure knows how to throw a big party. Attending one of Key West's annual festivals is a great way to get a taste of the island's uniqueness and raucous fun. There are a variety of festivals to choose from in Key West, whether you're looking for a naughty event like Fantasy Fest or a more family-friendly event like the Key Lime Festival. We've compiled a list of the best summer festivals in Key West, from drag queens dangling from rooftops to calypso street music and Hemingway look-alikes. Let's take a look at these events happening around you!

The Annual Key Lime Festival

June 30 - July 4, 2022

The Key Lime Festival in 2022 is shaping up to be the best one held so far. The Key Lime Festival, also known as America's Favorite Citrus Celebration, is held annually in Key West, Florida, and features a wide variety of culinary events over five days. These events include both returning favorites from previous years, such as the Key Lime Cocktail Sip & Stroll and the Key Lime Pie Hop, as well as brand new events that are sure to please Key Lime enthusiasts. They have also added a few exclusive dining events! This peculiar festival honors the tiny citrus fruit that gives Key West its name as well as the city's most well-known dessert, the key lime pie. The festivities span four days and include contests for baking and eating key lime pies, as well as cooking classes, dancing, and a "sip and stroll" event. The festival lineup as well as the schedule of events is updated regularly. Visit the Key Lime Festival website regularly for updates.

Key West Mermaid Festival

July 01 - July 05, 2022

Families will have a blast at the Key West Mermaid Festival, which will feature a variety of mermaid-themed activities. On the weekends, Truman Waterfront Park is transformed into a mermaid market, complete with a mermaid pod for festival-goers to swim with.

A percentage of the earnings from the Key West Mermaid festival will be donated to Reef Relief, which is based in Key West and has the purpose of enhancing and protecting our coral reef system through local education, beach clean-ups, and Coral Camp. From Key West to Miami, their initiatives touch 6,000 kids in K-12 institutions, both public and private. Join and Enjoy the Mermaid Splash in the summer in Key West!

Hemingway Days Festival

July 19 - 24, 2022

Throughout the last week of July, fans of the late Ernest Hemingway may commemorate his literary achievements and colorful Key West lifestyle. A homage to the Nobel Prize-winning author, the Hemingway Days Festival pays tribute to the author's legacy, who spent most of the 1930s living and writing in Key West. The festival concludes in an epic lookalike competition at Sloppy Joe's bar, which was the favorite hangout spot for Hemingway. Other celebrations include a short story competition for wannabe writers, a Marlin fishing tournament ("Papa" liked to fish), and a mock Running of the Bulls to honor Hemingway's passion for bullfighting. The event is held every July, but aficionados of Hemingway may explore his legacy on the island year-round at his former residence, now the Hemingway Home and Museum open daily.

Key West's 25th Annual Lobster Fest

August 26 - 29, 2022

Seafood lovers can chow down on Florida’s clawless lobster during a scrumptious “feast-ival” that comprises a savory program of events ranging from a conventional lobster boil to a vibrant street fair starring the amazing crustacean served in many ways. Flavorful celebrations mark the start of Florida Keys lobster season in August. Famous for its sweet and soft meat, the Keys’ spiny lobster often is served steamed with drawn butter, combined with seasoned stuffing or cold in savory salads. Thursday night's lobster boil is followed by the Duval Crawl on Friday, a street festival on Saturday, a free concert on Sunday, and a lobster breakfast on Monday morning. This is the weekend when overeating is worth it!

Enjoy The Summer Festivals in Key West

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