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The Literary Charms of Key West Writers

Discovering the Literary Charms of Key West Writers at Marrero's Guest Mansion

Nestled in the heart of the Florida Keys, Key West is a vibrant and cultural destination that has long been popular among artists, writers, and other creatives who seek inspiration in this charming island locale. The island's literary legacy dates back to the early 20th century when famous American writer Ernest Hemingway fell in love with the island’s laid-back atmosphere and decided to make it his home. Today, visitors to the island can immerse themselves in its rich literary history by staying at Marrero's Guest Mansion and exploring local bookstores like Judy Blume's Books & Books. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the literary charms of Key West and how they can be experienced during your stay at our boutique guest mansion.

A palm tree studded beach scene in Key West with a vintage type writer overlay

Ernest Hemingway and His Key West Connection

One of the most famous literary figures to have a connection to Key West is Ernest Hemingway. He first came to the island in the 1920s and was immediately hooked by its tropical beauty, simplicity, and relaxed way of life. He wrote some of his most acclaimed works, such as "The Old Man and the Sea," while living here. Today, visitors can experience Hemingway's Key West by touring his former home, which has been turned into a museum dedicated to his life and work. The Hemingway Home & Museum is located just a few blocks from our Key West boutique hotel Marrero's Guest Mansion, making it a convenient and must-visit attraction for literature lovers.

Judy Blume's Key West Bookstore

Another famous writer with a connection to Key West is Judy Blume, the beloved author of children's and young adult books such as "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." Blume has been a resident of the island for many years and in 2016, opened her own bookstore called Books & Books Key West. The bookstore offers a curated collection of books from a variety of genres, with a focus on regional authors and literature about the island and its history. It's just a short walk from Marrero's Guest Mansion, making it an ideal destination for literary travelers with a love for Young Adult Literature.

Author Judy Blume in her bookstore in Key West
Judy Blume at Books & Books

Key West-Inspired Writing

In addition to Hemingway and Judy Blume, many other writers have been inspired by the colorful, quirky, and laid-back environment of Key West. Some notable examples include Tennessee Williams, the Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright who lived in Key West from 1941 until his death in 1983 and was said to have written some of his most important works on our island, Tom Corcoran (who wrote about an ex-Navy SEAL who runs a charter boat company in Key West), Carl Hiaasen (who has written many humorous mystery and thriller novels set in Florida), and Elizabeth Bishop (whose poetry was influenced by her experiences living in Key West). Each of these writers brings their own unique perspective to the island, and their works offer a way for visitors to connect with the island on a deeper level.

Writing Workshops and Retreats in Key West

Key West's literary scene isn't just limited to established authors with prior connections to the island. Visitors who are interested in writing can also take part in various workshops and retreats that take place here throughout the year. These events offer a chance to connect with other writers, learn new techniques, and explore the beauty and charm of Key West while gaining valuable insight and direction for their writing. Some notable organizations that offer writing-focused events and classes include the Key West Literary Seminar, the Studios of Key West, and the Key West Writers Guild.

Unwind and Get Creative at Marrero's Guest Mansion

With so much literary richness and inspiration woven into the fabric of Key West, Marrero's Guest Mansion is the ideal home base for literary travelers who want to explore the island and immerse themselves in its vibrant literary history. Our historic mansion provides a serene and relaxing atmosphere that's perfect for creative types looking to unwind and discover their own muse. With 12 unique guest rooms, a lush tropical garden, and a central location in the heart of Old Town Key West, Marrero's is the perfect place to discover all that this charming destination can offer.

Whether you're looking for a Key West getaway, searching for a tropical vacation destination, are a fan of Ernest Hemingway or Judy Blume, or you're simply looking to soak up some literary inspiration in an idyllic tropical setting, Key West is the perfect place to do it. By staying at Marrero's Guest Mansion, you'll be perfectly positioned to explore the island's literary charms, from the Hemingway Museum to Books & Books, writing workshops, and more. Book your stay today, and get ready to experience the magic of Key West for yourself! Thanks for reading.

The Marrero's Team

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